Keepsake Quilting

Keepsake Quilters

"Keepsake Quilting
and T-Shirt Quilting
Store here to help you
get started making a
memory quilt to last


Keepsake Quilting

In order to understand quilting, is to know that this is
something that begins in the heart, transfers into
a piece of fabric, from your heart to your hands to a
'keepsake quilt' that lasts for generations.
T-Shirt Quilting Store

When you simple must capture the
essence of a person's clothing that has
adorned their body as a 'keepsake' to
remind the recipient of the t-shirt quilt.

The quickest way to make
a keepsake quilt is to use
a tried and true pattern.

Browse our site and find
the perfect quilt pattern
or design you want to make.

You can provide t-shirts and
have someone make one
for yourself or someone else.

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 National Quilt Museum

National Quilt Museum
The National Quilt Museum is
celebrating its 30 year anniversary in 2021 and they
welcome visitors online and
on location to come and see
what treasures they have to
share and enjoy.

Having a place where the life
and times of gifted talents and
their handiwork can be seen
and to inspire others to try
their hands at continuing this
grand tradition of making
quilts to pass on to future

Amish Quilt Auctions
Amish Quilt Auctions are site
to see and behold just what
prices their handmade quilts
will bring to the public. Much
personal hand stitching and
sewing go into these master-
piece quilts. To find more information on where to find these: Amish Quilt Auctions.

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Keepsake Quilts

Keepsake Quilts are made with one purpose and that is
to leave a lasting emotion with whomever holds the quilt,
and comforts themselves with knowing it was made with
love and attention to detail, that tell a story to be passed
on to however has possession.

Very few things we can create in life aside from our
children ar held in such lasting remembrance of a time
and gift that we can leave for others to enjoy.

T-Shirt Quilts

T-shirt quilts take personal to the highest level of keeping
someone near and dear to your heart, by transferring a
piece of clothing and amassing it into a single quilt that
captures a person's possessions into a quilt that you can
wrap around you, snuggle in with and know you are
sharing a piece of clothing worn by a loved one. Whether
you are giving it to the wearer of the t-shirts or someone
who will treasure it forever, it says more than words ever

How Much Will This Amish Quilt Bring at Auction


It is no mistaking the handiwork of Amish Quilts at Auctions
that present them for sale to the public. The women who make these Amish Quilts have put in long hours and detailed efforts unlike anyone else in modern times. Just imaging how much
time has been set aside to create masterpiece memory quilts
like this. . . .


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